Performance Improvement International was founded in 1987 by Dr. Chong Chiu, Ph.D., MIT, 1977, ANS Fellow, with the goal of improving safety and performance through root cause analysis, management consulting and training, initially in the standards-intensive nuclear power industry.

What makes PII’s approach unique?

The renowned quality-improvement scientist Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s research demonstrated that the vast majority of failures are attributable to system problems – organizational breakdowns, programmatic deficiencies, or management issues. However, the methods most organizations use to solve these problems are fundamentally qualitative in nature. The rate of recurrence suggests that such methodologies are less than ideal.

PII takes a different approach. Rooted in the foundations of engineering and refined in the exacting environment of the nuclear power industry, PII recognized that a cost-effective solution could not be achieved unless a given issue could be quantified. The effectiveness of any corrective action could not be known in advance – that is, without waiting for the event to re-occur – unless those actions were designed and based upon measurable data. The result of this applied-research perspective led to the development of unique quantitative tools such as leading performance indicators. When an organization only relies on lagging indicators as a gauge of solution effectiveness, such as revenue growth, stock price, schedule/budget adherence, wasted product, lost-time accidents and such, the organization isn’t equipped to prevent or avoid future problems. PII’s technology is entirely verifiable, and thus, predictive, and can provide the technical foundation for, or integrate directly into, an organization’s quality and performance improvement programs.

Since 1990, PII has been one of the major catalysts in starting the human error reduction and equipment failure reduction programs in the nuclear industry. Between 1990 – 2009, the nuclear industry as a whole has reduced human error and equipment failure event rates by a factor of 15, and increased its capability factor from 68.2% to 90.5%.

What worked five or ten years ago may not be effective today. Unlike other companies that rely on dated technology, PII consultants are in the field, continually gathering data to refine and improve our approach. We consistently incorporate new information and develop new technology, combining real-world situations with solid quantitative analysis. Our dedication to continuous improvement ensures clients the most up-to-date technology available.