Mission & Core Values

Our Mission

To help our clients achieve the highest performance in Time, Quality and Cost through Error-Free® technology, which enables everyone to do the right things right.

- Dr. Chong Chiu

The tools and components we use to achieve our company mission may change to adapt to the best use of resources available, but the common core of our mission and the expertise we provide will always remain the same.

It’s our mission to provide our clients with:

  • Training & Expert Services
  • Equipment Reliability Improvement
  • Integrated Event Investigation
  • Operational / Human Error Event-Rate Reduction
  • Injury Reduction Through Human Performance

Our Core Values

  1. We do not measure our progress by revenue, but by our contribution to our mission.
  2. We do not talk about our clients, only lessons learned from our clients.
  3. We always use state-of-the-art knowledge to solve our client’s problems.
  4. We tell our clients only facts and truths from rigorous analyses; not perceptions or unsubstantiated opinions.
  5. We place our client’s needs and our company mission ahead of our personal needs.

Charities We Support

In keeping with PII’s unique vision, we are proud to provide financial support to the following charitable organizations:

  • Evergreen Children Trust
  • ChildFund International
  • Best Day Foundation
  • Voices for Children Foundation
  • Free the Children Foundation
  • Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children