Human Error iRCA™

The HiRCA™ module is used by event investigators that seek to improve their root cause analysis process with standardized questions and to become efficient with report write up. After years of investigation experience, PII digitally streamlined and standardized the root cause analysis process.

During event investigation, users are able to determine error type, contributing factors, supporting evidence and conclude the root cause. Once relevant data is collected after answering 23 basic user-friendly questions, a root cause can be determined.

This is the only RCA technology that:

  1. Is able to find the root cause of injuries, operational events, project management problems, engineering problems, and executive management problems. This module is built on 525-man- years of in-depth research and real-world experience.
  2. Has a 100% – success track record. The logic and thought process is traceable. The RCA report is instantly available after analysis.
  3. Provides a clear yardstick to gauge the relative impact of various root causes, instead of assuming that all causes are equal and all factors inadequate, as other RCA methods often assert.

More than 90+% of events or injuries involve single-trigger errors where one or two LOPs existed. For this 90+%, there are no organizational/program interaction issues or cross-cutting cultural issues; therefore, the RCA can be completed instantly. This instant RCA method is simple yet comprehensive and integrated, enabling analysts to find the true root causes and fix the problem with 100% assurance of no recurrence.

The result will provide an accurate event root cause, as well as the contributing causes if any, along with recommendations of corrective actions. The result of the analysis is a report output that can be saved on KALE™, sent via email, printed, or shared with other users.