Error-Free® Intelligence Software

KALE® is an Error-Free® Intelligence Software that empowers engineering and maintenance staff to not only troubleshoot existing problems, but also to calculate error probability and mitigate risk through a patented predictive technology. This software will enable and maintain the highest level of quality by eliminating all possible errors, guiding an organization into the Error-Free® Zone.

With KALE® software’s many interactive Error-Free® modules and the largest failure database in the world, PII is confident that KALE™ is a valuable and effective tool to prevent and diagnose failures. With every Error-Free® training and adoption of KALE® in regular use, an organization can achieve the highest level of performance and quality.

KALE® is a cloud based software, accessible from anywhere as long as internet is available.

Software License Includes:

  • Real-life data and reports to help organizations improve safety and performance.
  • Interactive tools, designed to quantitatively assess any issues that may arise. These modules assist in detecting and preventing both equipment failures and human performance errors.
  • Tools to efficiently and interactively teach Error-Free® technology and refresh previously learned concepts.
  • The largest database of case studies, failure modes, daily learning materials based on real data from research findings and past events.
  • Personalized account per certified user.
  • Unlimited troubleshooting, root cause, and observation reporting writing.
  • Report sharing between users.
  • Built in help and glossary to refresh training course terms and KALE® modules.
  • Technical support with a 24-hour response time.